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Possibility Wave is about You. Not just the you with a name and an address but the greater You, the true You. It is about the You that is also the energy that moves throughout time and space. It is about the You of emotions and feelings hard to describe and yet so real. It is about the You that not only knows the sacred but is sacred. The You that is also not just the plants and animals but the planet itself. And beyond. Possibility Wave merges traditional wisdom with new cutting edge science and…..You. It recognizes that it is possible to use technology to promote life. It is possible for technology to be “biophilic” that is, it is possible to have technology that “loves life”. Possibility Wave is dedicated to developing simple, elegant and effective ways for You to “Tap into Yourself”. All the Self that You are. Using superb technology and insight, Possibility Wave apps actually interact with You in the real, present moment. They are like “mirrors” that reflect the details of your experience and guide You along the path of understanding and discovery. Possibility Wave apps also introduce information and energy into your mind and body through gentle, powerful biological reinforcing stimulation’s.Possibility Wave is all about You. Explore. Discover. Become who You already are.
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