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Shared Communication: All living systems depend on shared information. Communication is at the very heart of life. Possibility Wave apps come to life as they interact with you. Whether you call it “interaction” or “dialogue” or “biofeedback”, the meaning is really the same. It is the give and take, the sending and receiving, the action and the response…the Circle of Life.The Evolution of Trust: Throughout the evolution of humans and our societies, we have seen the slow but sure evolution of Trust. In a world so much bigger than ourselves, the first inclination has been to place our Trust in an authority outside of ourselves, be it divinely ordained Kings and Queens or vast legions of invisible spirits. In all these cases, a special intermediary was required to communicate with the high powers. Bit by bit, a belief began to dawn that the commanding powers are also embedded within our very self and that each and every person is not only a complete conduit to Life but that each person is the natural home of the power of Life. Hence the goal is not to seek audience through an intermediary but instead to Tap into Yourself. Life and all its power is never far away.
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