The primary mission of Possibility Wave is to help you “Tap into Your Self”


The primary mission of Possibility Wave is to help you “Tap into Your Self”. We do this with a broad range of ingenious Interactive, Hi-Function apps and programs. The technology is impressive no doubt however it is no match for the superb complex systems that make up the Human Being. The power we seek is a natural feature of who we are. So why is it that we seem to have difficulty in “tapping into” this natural power? Why is it that we have difficulty into “tapping into Our Selves”? Well, to begin with, we are all “stuck in the middle”!Our human body is undoubtedly a marvel and a blessing. It is also the reason why we can so easily get “stuck in the middle”. Having a human body creates a bias and that bias makes it increasingly difficult to “Tap in Your Self”. No matter what technique or technology you may use, if you are “stuck in the middle”, the results will not satisfy you. So what does it mean to be “Stuck in the Middle”.The first problem deals with size – this thing we call Big and Small. What makes an elephant “big” and a mouse “small”. It is the comparison to the size of the typical human body. To an elephant, an elephant is not big. It is the perfect size. To a mouse, a mouse is not small. Take this perspective all the way to the ultra-macroscopic and ultra-microscopic. The Hubble telescope has shown us that we are in the midst of 100 billion galaxies and particle chambers capture the reality of energy particles small enough for billions to fit in the digital “period” at the end of this sentence. How can it all be so Big? How can it all be so Small? It is all impossible to accept if you remain “stuck in the middle” by using the size of the human body as your universal metric. Let go. Give it up. Big and Small don’t “matter” at all!The second “sticky point” is all about Inside and Outside. The sensory systems of the human body interpret conscious experience in such a way that there “appears” to be an “outside” and an “inside”. There are not two separate Realities, one inside and one outside. Pure awareness and its interpretation into consciousness has no boundaries. Where do you go when you go “inside”? What is in the “outside” when you go “inside” the nucleus of an atom? The division of “inside” and “outside” is artificial and conceptual. The idea creates terrible problems in “finding Your Self”. You are everywhere at once. Let go. Give it up. There is no Inside and Outside division of Reality!Lastly, another place to get stuck is in the middle of “Me and You”. We suffer the separation and yearn for the reunion. We labor to build bridges and seek connection. We feel alien to some and intimate with others. To “Tap into Your Self” look into the mirror of the “other”. Feel their heartbeat as your own. You share the same air in your breath. You are everyone at once. Let it go. Give it up. You and I are One!
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