Possibility Wave apps are interactive.


Possibility Wave apps are interactive. They have ways of assessing you and your present-moment state and experience. One of the ways Possibility Wave apps communicate with you is through a process called I-Field Assessment. The “I” in I-Field stands for “information”. Gravity, for example, creates a “field” of effects that is inseparable from Gravity itself. It is a bit like “water” and “wet”…inseparable except by concept. The same is true of Electro-magnetism which has its EM Field. Traditional wisdom and finally now, cutting edge science both recognize that a “Field of Information” exists everywhere without limit. Its name is not important. Some call it the Vacuum Void of Space, others the Collective Unconscious and still others the Akashic Record. The Possibility Wave I-Field Assessment process records and analyzes “information” that “travels” faster than light and without force and interprets the findings to useful results in the Possibility Wave app functions.
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